RusDun Farms sits in the heart of the City of Piperton. It is the home to three of the area’s most popular residential developments (Greenbrier, The Lakes of Greenbrier and Piperton Preserve). Greenbrier Phases 1 through 4 were developed between 1999 and 2005 containing 78 estate sized home sites. The Lakes of Greenbrier with 54 lots was finished in late 2007. These areas, all located south of Keough Drive, were originally used for beef cattle and hay production. Approximately 90 acres of this area of the farm are still used for hay.

Piperton Preserve at RusDun Farms began with an initial phase of 27 lots north of Keough Drive and just east of a historic two-room schoolhouse preserved by the Dunn family. This portion of the farm was dedicated to grazing dairy cows until the 1960s and was later home to an egg farm started by Melvin D. Russell in 1970. The farm was named “RusDun” by Melvin to honor the Russell and Dunn families, his ancestors. From the mid 1990s until 2015, a large field of sunflowers was planted each year to draw doves and other bird species. The streets in this area are named in honor of the dove field and its history.