Piperton Preserve was designed to provide the City of Piperton with an identifiable center. Situated in the core of the city and bordered by the area’s most iconic streets, Poplar and Keough Drive, it provides easy access to 385/I-69 and the neighboring town of Collierville. A variety of lot types were created to offer options for every lifestyle. Large estate lots gradually yield to smaller garden style lots as the development nears Poplar Ave/Hwy 57. An area along Poplar has been designated for a Town Square area with retail and office uses. Land Use Plan

One of the most unique aspects of Piperton Preserve is its use of strategically placed green spaces to provide character and a remaining connection to its rural past. A heavily wooded Community Park is within an easy walk of all homes and serves as a buffer between residential and other uses. Green Space Plan

Piperton Preserve was also designed to be very pedestrian friendly with walking paths leading from residential areas to the Town Square area and the Community Park. Pedestrian Plan and Walkability Plan

The overall vision for Piperton Preserve lives on as phases develop and are completed in a manner that makes the whole plan more vibrant and stronger. Once completed, it will contain approximately 240 single family homes and serve as the focal point for the City of Piperton.  Site Plan